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Participants 529,550
US$ 142,227,947
Nets 61,706,699


Many volunteers help AMF. In part, this is why 100% of the money we receive buys nets.

If you are interested in volunteering some of your expertise and/or time, please let us know. Usually it is a few hours, sometimes it's a mini-project with a definite start and end. In all cases volunteer help fits what the volunteer can and wants to do.

The areas in which we could currently use help are listed below.

Video editors

We receive video footage from each distribution and edit 10-30 mins down to 90-120 seconds to tell the story of the distribution. We send out the raw footage (DVD or digital formats) and need a good quality edit in a standard digital format (.mov, .wmv etc). A video editing job is typically a couple of hours. more info (pdf)

Experience: This is best carried out by a (semi-)professional editor or talented amateur with experience in editing.


If you'd like to help in a way not listed, do get in touch: you can probably still help!

Many people have helped and continue to volunteer.