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Funds raised US$615,819,299
Nets funded 280,813,727
People protected 505,464,709

Fundraising partnerships

We work with organisations raising funds for bednets for their own distribution programmes.

  • A group can set up one or more online fundraising pages and 100% of the money raised (online or offline) via those pages will be ringfenced to buy long-lasting insecticidal nets (LLINs) for that group to distribute.

  • We purchase LLINs at the world's lowest price which maximises the number of nets an organisation can purchase with the funds they raise.

  • Each distribution is shown on the site along with location maps, pictures and video footage. All donations that have funded the distribution are listed, thereby allowing donors to see exactly what they have helped make happen.

The only administrative requirement is a distribution proposal is submitted to us and it is approved by our Malaria Advisory Group. This ensures distributions are well structured and resourced and include an appropriate malaria education component. It also ensures all relevant parties, for example a country's National Malaria Control Programme and other organisations working in-country, are aware of the distribution.

These are some of the fundraising partners we are working with:

Fundraising Partners