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Funds raised US$566,167,626
Nets funded 256,325,466
People protected 461,385,839

Swim For Terri-ers

World Swim Against Malaria started because of Swim For Terri.

Swim For Terri was a charity swim that took place on 6th Dec 2003 to raise money for a little girl called Terri Calvesbert who suffered 90% burns in a house fire when she was 2 years old.

What started as a three-person swim grew in the space of 7 weeks to become 153 swims in 73 countries involving 10,000 people and raised £175,000, 100% of which went to The Terri Calvesbert Trust.

There were 11 eleven year olds swimming for Terri in Bolivia ; an entire school of 700 swam for Terri in Argentina ; a school in England completed 30 Channel crossings between them; the Royal Air Force flew 8 students to Ascension Island to join the Swim For Terri there; Air Greenland flew four students to Nuuk, Greenland to join their Swim For Terri; in Mexico a man who suffered 68% burns went along to support those swimming; in South Africa, there was a swim in almost every state; there were swims in Swaziland , Zimbabwe and Mauritius; in one of the swims in Australia a blind swimmer who has actually swum the English Channel led 17 swimmers in a 2km ocean swim. There were also swims in Fiji, Tonga, Vanuatu, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Nepal, Japan, Spain, Norway, Switzerland, Norway, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, the Cayman Islands, the Falkland Islands, Uruguay, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Canada, China, New Zealand ...I could go on and on.

A number of people asked, 'What are we doing next year?' The throwaway line was ‘Let's get a million people to swim...' One thing led to another, and well...

It seemed appropriate to ask those involved in Swim For Terri, the ‘Swim For Terri-ers’ if they would like to be involved in World Swim Against Malaria too, and they said yes... to the tune of 5,000+ people.

Total Raised: 9,022 LLINs (US$ 39,203)
 #Group/team/person Location CountryDate# Nets
1 Mika-Mia-Reia-Kyle Tong Photos Seoul South Korea 03 Dec 05 93
1 Family Bond Photos Seoul South Korea 03 Dec 05 41
1 Dominic Tsui Tokyo Japan 04 Dec 05 295
1 John Ming Tsui Tokyo Japan 04 Dec 05 649
1 Kira Okray Photos Seoul South Korea 03 Dec 05 153
425 British Intl School, Swim for Malaria Jeddah Saudi Arabia 10 Dec 05 3,191
1 Richard Davy Photos St Helier Jersey 04 Dec 05 19
1 Jersey DFS SC Swim 4 Malaria St Helier Jersey 04 Dec 05 0
3 The British School in Tokyo Annual Charity Swim Tokyo Japan 04 Dec 05 870
23 British School of Bucharest Swim for Malaria Bucharest Romania 26 Nov 05 54
9 SwimISM Taguig City Philippines 03 Dec 05 90
1 Gabrielle Ryda Photos Seoul South Korea 03 Dec 05 3
1 Samantha & Griffin Hale Seoul South Korea 03 Dec 05 133
25 Briitish Internation School Swim for Malaria Bratislava Slovakia 03 Dec 05 403
100 Xmas Novelty Gala Birkenhead England 03 Dec 05 25
36 Seoul Foreign School Photos Seoul South Korea 03 Dec 05 755
450 Markham College Swim for Malaria Miraflores Peru 28 Nov 05 2,116
80 Heathfield School Ascot England 03 Dec 05 49