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Funds raised US$424,032,208
Nets funded 204,033,643
People protected 367,260,557


  • Around 400,000 people die each year and 200+ million fall ill
  • 70% of them are children under 5
  • #1 killer of pregnant women
  • Malaria is preventable


  • A net is the most effective means of prevention
  • US$2.00 per net
  • 100% of the money buys nets


  • You can see exactly where the nets you fund are distributed
  • We add photos and video of each distribution
  • We monitor net use and malaria case data


  • You can donate nets as gifts or maybe instead of cards?
  • The recipient will be able to see exactly where their nets are distributed with pictures and video. more
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 Latest sponsors and donors

 Sponsor/Donor Amount
Initiative Matt Gerberich US$6.00
Initiative Outspokenpenguin US$20.00
Initiative Anonymous US$25.00
Initiative Infernox £10.00
Initiative Goldwater64 US$150.00
Initiative Anonymous US$30.00
Initiative Anonymous US$10.00
Initiative semdeclared US$50.00
Initiative VeloDramaa US$100.00
InitiativeThis is a general donation to Against Malaria, not a sponsorship Anonymous US$100.00
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 Latest net distributions

# LLINs Location CountryStatus
92,950  Centrale Reg… Togo Status
315,400  Western Regi… Uganda Status

Latest photos and video

# LLINs Location Country  
83,999  Health Zone … Congo…
50,643  Health Zone … Congo…
69,233  Health Zone … Congo…
66,104  Health Zone … Congo…
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What we do

We protect people from malaria. We fund nets and ensure they are distributed and used. We show you where the nets go. We monitor and report their use and impact.

How we do it

100% of public donations buys long-lasting insecticidal nets (LLINs). An LLIN costs US$2.00. We work with distribution partners to distribute nets and ensure use. We conduct net use surveys and track monthly malaria data.