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Participants 540,848
US$ 239,013,301
Nets 108,947,227

4 Regions, 2020  


Nets: 5,000,000 LLINs
When: Jul-Nov 20
Distributed by:  Yet to be made public

Nets will be distributed in all Health Zones in four regions to achieve universal coverage (all sleeping spaces covered) across a population of some 9 million people.
Provisional   This distribution is currently marked as Provisional. It is NOT yet confirmed. However, it indicates we are at an advanced stage of discussions with the relevant National Malaria Control Programme (NMCP) and potential distribution partners regarding a significant distribution in this country. We have made a provisonal allocation of donations to fund the number of nets being discussed. Please see our provisonal allocation page for more details.



Donations funding nets    

We allocate donations individually to specific distributions. This is consistent with being accountable and transparent with the funds we receive. It also allows donors to engage with a net distribution by being able to follow the progress of the nets they have funded. A distribution is typically divided into a series of locations.


  • Total funding required for nets: US$6,000,000 (est)
  • 0 donations from 0 donors in 0 countries
  • Smallest donation: 1.00, largest donation: 0
  • (*Figures are 'to date' as funds are still being allocated)


Click on a location to view the donations that funded it.

Survey status

Surveys take place 6, 18, 30 and 42 months post-distribution. A survey of 50 households provides sample information on what proportion of nets continue to be used, if they are used correctly and the state of the nets.

  • Expected
  • Not expected
  • Very good/good
  • Acceptable
  • Not OK
  • Partner Refused
# LLINs LocationWhenStatus
1,250,000   Region 1 Jul-Nov 20 Status
1,250,000   Region 2 Jul-Nov 20 Status
1,250,000   Region 3 Jul-Nov 20 Status
1,250,000   Region 4 Jul-Nov 20 Status

Distribution status

The bednet distribution programmes go through a number of different states from being manufactured to being installed over a head/bed:
  • Pre-manufacture
  • Being manufactured
  • Ready at factory
  • En-route to country
  • Arrived in country
  • En-route to zone
  • Being distributed
  • Distribution complete
Likely movement of allocated donations
We cannot agree to fund a distribution unless we have the funds in-hand. Donations allocated to this distribution are underwriting it and have allowed us to make the commitment to fund nets. However, as this distribution is more than 12 months in the future, it is likely that a different, earlier distribution will be agreed and these funds will be moved and allocated to the earlier distribution. Other, later-received and currently unalloacted donations would then be moved to underwrite this distribution. This movement of donations can occur as we allocate donations to distributions broadly in chronological order. Please see our distribution allocation page for more details.