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Participants 532,771
US$ 178,918,621
Nets 80,552,579

Dowa District 2015, Malawi  


Nets: 396,900 LLINs
When: Mar-Jun 15
Distributed by:  Concern Universal

396,900 LLINs are estimated to be needed to achieve universal coverage of the population of some 700,000 in Dowa district. A detailed pre-distribution registration survey at the household level, to be carried out two months before the distribution, will establish the exact net need.



Donations funding non-net costs    view donations funding nets

Non-net costs are all costs associated with a net distribution excluding the cost of the nets themselves. Non-net costs include: all shipping, pre-distribution, distribution and post-distribution costs. Pre-distribution activities include establishing accurate net need per household based on a count of sleeping spaces and existing, useable LLINs. Post-distribution activities include surveys, at 6-month intervals for a period of 3-4 years, of 5% of the nets distributed to assess net use and condition.


  • AMF is funding all non-net costs for this distribution.
  • Total budget: US$368,089