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Participants 529,645
US$ 151,241,140
Nets 66,245,795

Dedza District 2018, Malawi  


Nets: 430,000 LLINs
When: Jul-Aug 18
Distributed by:  NMCP/Various

This distribution will be a re-coverage distribution. It will achieve universal coverage (all sleeping spaces covered) of the district's population estimate to be 775,000 in 2018.



Donations funding nets     view donations funding non-net costs

We allocate donations individually to specific distributions. This is consistent with being accountable and transparent with the funds we receive. It also allows donors to engage with a net distribution by being able to follow the progress of the nets they have funded. A distribution is typically divided into a series of locations.


  • Total funding required for nets: US$1,075,000 (est)
  • 5,348* donations from 4,115* donors in 77* countries
  • Smallest donation: US$1.00*, largest donation: £121,875*
  • (*Figures are 'to date' as funds are still being allocated)


Click on a location to view the donations that funded it.

Survey status

Surveys take place 6, 18, 30 and 42 months post-distribution. A survey of 50 households provides sample information on what proportion of nets continue to be used, if they are used correctly and the state of the nets.

  • Expected
  • Not expected
  • Very good/good
  • Acceptable
  • Not OK
  • Partner Refused
# LLINs LocationWhenStatus
61,000   Dedza Boma, Dedza District Jul-Aug 18 Status
83,000   Dedza Central West, Dedza District Jul-Aug 18 Status
60,000   Dedza East, Dedza District Jul-Aug 18 Status
101,000   Dedza North East, Dedza District Jul-Aug 18 Status
125,000   Dedza West, Dedza District Jul-Aug 18 Status

Distribution status

The bednet distribution programmes go through a number of different states from being manufactured to being installed over a head/bed:
  • Pre-manufacture
  • Being manufactured
  • Ready at factory
  • En-route to country
  • Arrived in country
  • En-route to zone
  • Being distributed
  • Distribution complete