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Participants 538,274
US$ 221,653,619
Nets 102,606,186

Haut Katanga 2019, Congo (Dem. Rep.)  


Nets: 4,050,200 LLINs
When: Feb 20
Distributed by:  NMCP/Various

4.05 million nets will be distributed in all 27 Health Zones in Haut Katanga Province to achieve universal coverage (all sleeping spaces covered) of a population of 7.3 million people.




The first phase of a distribution involves establishing how many nets are needed to achieve universal coverage i.e. all sleeping spaces covered in the distribution area. A Pre-Distribution Registration Survey (PDRS), involving visits by local health staff to all households in the distribution area, establishes how many nets are needed at the household-level.


  • Household registration scheduled for September, 2019.
  • Total number of households, people and LLINs required to be determined.