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Participants 540,848
US$ 238,927,720
Nets 108,904,436

The Mahindra UWC of India

Location Pune, India 
10 Dec 2005
Group: United World Colleges

As part of the spirit of UWCs we are making a big event to help such a worthy cause! With the enthusiasm of most of the students we are planning to have a 24hours swimming marathon!

The pool is going to be divided in a way that at least four people can swim at the same time. Everyone is going to swim as much as possible and I am sure that with so many athletes that we have on campus this event is going to be a true sucess!

We are also planning to do a series of activities during the day to help fund-raising.
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Quick link to this page: https://www.AgainstMalaria.com/58862005
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