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Participants 553,608
US$ 310,939,615
Nets 147,385,152
Location Mutengene- Tiko sub division, Cameroon 
01 Sep 2008

South West Envionmental Protection and Alliviation of Health Hazards Association(SOWEPAH) is a non-gorvernmental organization based in the South West Province of Cameroon involved in the fight against MALARIA,HIV/AIDS and WASTE MANAGEMENT in Rural areas of Cameroon.
Malaria, being a number one killer disease in West Africa has to be addressed without delay for eradication. SOWEPAH, therefore amongst others has taken up the responsibility to help the government of Cameroon and the world atlarge for the eradication of this killer disease.
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Participants: Mr. Henry Njala Quan (General Mananger of CDC), HRH Chief. Samuel Efesua (Chief of Bonjongo), Mr. Lipacha Celestin (Tiko Rural Council), Dr. Luma E (Former Provincial Doctor of Health, S.W Province), Mr. Fobisong Cajetan (Lab Tecnician Mount Mary Health Centre Buea), Mr. Menchang Constantine Lee, Mr. Franklin Fosack Fonkeng, Mrs. Etengene Grace (Nurse Buea Reference Hospital), Mr. fidelis Fonjock, Miss Jenet Agboh, Mr. Ayuk George, Mr. Mbonifor Cletus, Miss. Tonzock Sylvie, Mr. Salif Epong, Mr. Menchang George, Miss florence Njoh, Mr. Tabo Alexander, Mr. Ndjila Gilbert, Miss Ngwe Linda, Miss. Asang Dorise (Nurse), Miss. Fonkeng Carine

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