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Help With MALARIA!!!

Location Nanjing, China 

Hi. I am 13 years. But just because I am young doesn't mean I will stand by and watch hundreds of people die of Malaria. I am donating clothes, mosquito nets, and money that is needed for the victims. Oh and why should you sponsor? mmmmmmmm let me think about that. Oh yeah, because if you don't donate now!?!? I will literaly explain what will happen if you don't that is: malaria might spread and get 2 u!!! And if not you, then your children or your friends, or even your boss (well sometimes you wish he/she was dead, but hey!!! Think 4 your self!?!) So what I am trying to say is.    more >>

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Quick link to this page: https://www.AgainstMalaria.com/helporelse
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