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waGne swim against malaria

Location San Juan, Batangas or Surigao, Surigao City, Philippines 
31 Jul 2010

I am a programmer by weekdays, an artist (somehow!), and adventurer by weekends... Sadly there are only two days for weekends, i hope someday it switches (weekends become 5 and the remaining are workdays...)

I would want to endure an open water swim in either Surigao, Batangas or Palawan.

Three sites I am eyeing for this one, you may join me in either or all of them...
(1) when I get to go home to Surigao by End of August this year;
(2) when I get to go to Palawan with MOVE friends by End of July this year; and,
(3) when I get to swim in Batangas, anytime within the remainder of the Year.
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Quick link to this page: https://www.AgainstMalaria.com/waGne
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