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Le Mans 24hr Roller-Skate

Location Le Mans, France 
01 Jul 2012

The Blading society of Nottingham Univesity are going to France to roll the 24hr roller-skating race at the famous Le Mans racing track. Last year temperatures reached 42 degrees C and only dropped to 18 degrees (at 3am)! Each lap is 2.4miles and we hope to do about 150 of these between the 8 of us within the 24 hours! We would appreciate any donations towards this charity http://givewell.org/international/top-charities/AMF,    more >>

Participants: Jason Garfitt, James Ashby, Tim James, Shobita Bhumbra, Dana Baltmane, Tim Ward, Eric Wu, Akira Samata

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Quick link to this page: https://www.AgainstMalaria.com/bladesoc
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