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OMfCT Coordination Game

Location worldwide, Antarctica 
12 Feb 2017

Facebook post:

Time for some coordination exercise!

For every like/reaction, I will donate 1€ to AMF
BUT with the following conditions:

* wow: you pledge to match my donation and get to add a condition as long as it doesn't go against the initial conditions
* wow >= 10: I will play the game again next month with modified rules
* if haha > love, money goes to MIRI
* sad > 8 && sad < 16: donation is HALVED
* sad == 16: donation is DOUBLED
* angry = 2€
* BUT if angry > love I spend everything on ice cream
* if likes > 1 : they're worth 2€ and donated to REG
* donation ceiling: 1000€

Bonus WOW conditions:
Alfredo Parra: pass
Louie Terrill: all subsequent wow must set a condition
Max Katz: if angry > love it should be vegan ice cream
Robert Muirhead: IFF the sum of reactions ends in the digit 7, then the money is spent on paid likes for the next OMfCT coordination game
Tyler Harrison Rowland: If Likes > 15 then they're worth 2€ and donated to REG, and Justin has to record a longest "Yeah boiiiiiiii!" to counter Evan Gaensbauer's.
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