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I read a book called Doing Good Better and it inspired me. This is the easiest thing I could have done to do some good, so I did it..
I have long hair and hopefully at the very least you just want to see what i'd look like with a nothing at all. If so chuck in a small donation, $3.24AU buys one mozzy net, $32.24 buys 10!

Goal is 300 nets and then I will shave my beautiful locks.

[[400 million people get sick from Malaria each year, of those, about half a million will die.
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Quick link to this page: https://www.AgainstMalaria.com/shaveme69
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Zaccy G 21 Feb 17 Melbourne AUS$20.00 US$15.34 Nice work man! 611
Kate 21 Feb 17 Canberra AUS$40.00 US$30.68 Legend. 1222
Mon 21 Feb 17 Melbourne AUS$50.00 US$38.35 1527
Your #1 girl 19 Feb 17 Canberra AUS$20.00 US$15.35 Xoxoxoxoxoxoxox 611
Justin R 19 Feb 17 Canberra US$10.00 US$10.00 Swish 47
aimzzzz 18 Feb 17 Manchester £5.00 US$6.23 mains away that hair boi 24
Brooke 18 Feb 17 Edinburgh £5.00 US$6.23 They were beautiful locks in fairness 24
Bek 18 Feb 17 Melbourne AUS$20.00 US$15.35 💇🏼‍♂️ 611
Lincoln 18 Feb 17 STL US$20.00 US$20.00 ❤️ 814

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