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Help fight against Malaria

Location Monroe Twp, USA 

Hi everyone, I would like to draw your attention this organization AMF who engages in distributing nets to people in Malaria prone regions like Africa, India, Asia Pac, latin America etc. Over one million people die from Malaria every year and mostly children under 5 years of age. Let us help save our future generations from this pandemic! You can donate nets starting from one net (100% fund allocation) and you can check where the net has been distributed.   

Participants: Alpaben Mahida, Yashkumar Mahida

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Quick link to this page: https://www.AgainstMalaria.com/saveourchildren
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Alpaben Mahida 27 Dec 17 Monroe Twp US$80.00 US$80.00 This donation has been PROVISIONALLY allocated to a distribution. Click here for more detailsflagP Status Photos ecpected Videos expected 4072

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