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Funds raised US$424,002,136
Nets funded 204,018,607
People protected 367,233,493

Are you raising funds to buy LLINs for a specific project or distribution?

If so, we may be able to ringfence funds so 100% of funds received via a particular sponsorship page/s buy LLINs for a specific project.

We can do this where groups or organisations are raising funds for nets to be distributed in a particular area as part of a project they are running or are involved in.

Advantages for you

  • 100%: All of the funds we receive via your page/s go to purchase LLINs for your distribution
  • More nets: It is unlikely your project will be able to purchase LLINs more cost effectively than we can. We pay less than $5 a net - and much closer to $2.00.
  • Online: You can take advantage of having somewhere to point people to donate online. It takes you 2 minutes to create a sponsorship page.
  • Offline: Any monies raised offline, sent to us and indicated to be for the same project, are similarly 100% ringfenced
  • Gift Aid: 100% of any Gift Aid received on your donations is also included in the total that buys your nets.
  • Transparent: At any time you can see on your page/s the total you have raised.

No catch

  • What is the catch? There isn't one.
  • Why don't you take a cut? Why should we?
  • How do you cover your costs?
    First, we have very few costs. We have designed them out. We have no office space; we don't print brochures; we use the website as a communication mechanism etc. We have 150+ companies that support us for free. Second, the few costs we do have are covered by a group of private donors. As a result, the cost to you? Nothing.

Next steps

  1. Contact us and let us know you'd like to raise funds via www.AgainstMalaria.com and have those funds ringfenced for LLINs for your project. We'll send you the two page distribution proposal containing 17 questions which takes 15-20 minutes to fill in.
  2. You then return the distribution proposal. Our Malaria Advisory Group assesses it. As long as it is approved, you raise funds through us and all the nets purchased go to your project.

Why are we doing this?

To encourage lots of people to raise funds to buy long-lasting insecticidal (mosquito) nets.

If we do this, we will put hundreds of thousands or even millions of bednets over heads and beds to help protect people.

To share our technology and infrastructure

We put in place significant technology (website and systems) and infrastructure (banking, accounting, legal; being a registered charity in many countries etc) for World Swim Against Malaria. By sharing this with others, they can raise funds to buy nets and not incur costs they might otherwise have to. This helps make the fundraising as efficient as possible but, importantly, allows people to get going immediately on fundraising as the website, systems and back up are all there.

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