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Funds raised US$482,421,905
Nets funded 231,991,454
People protected 417,584,617

British Triathlon

"The British triathlon community are delighted to be participating in World Swim For Malaria.

In the world of triathlon those who participate, at whatever level, seem to fall into one of two categories: those who love swimming, and those for whom swimming is their least favourite discipline.

We knew World Swim Against Malaria had struck a chord with triathletes around the country when even some of those known to be in the second category came forward and offered to organise swims.

A child dies from malaria every 30 seconds. That is about the time it takes to swim 25 metres. That puts things into perspective.

This is a very important global event and one we wholeheartedly support."

Norman Brook, Chief Executive Officer, British Triathlon Association

Total Raised: 297 LLINs (US$ 1,294)
 #Group/team/person Location CountryDate# Nets
52 The Steyning Athletic Club Splash Steyning England 03 Dec 05 201
40 Berkshire Tri Squad Reading England 02 Dec 05 92