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Funds raised US$482,422,012
Nets funded 231,991,507
People protected 417,584,713

Lifesaving South Africa

Lifesaving SA is about saving lives.

Taking part in World Swim Against Malaria suits us down to the ground.

Surf lifesaving began in South Africa in Durban in 1927 and since 1993 alone Lifesaving SA has effected some 88,020 rescues (Surf) and 1,718 Stillwater rescues (as at June 2004).

Our swims will be in the ocean, in pools and in dams. We will encourage club members and friends to sign up in advance so we can plan our participation but we will also invite those on the beach or at the pool on the day to participate too.

Individuals will be able to raise money using sponsorship forms or via making a donation and we also have a plan for those we find at the beach/pool.

We like the idea of putting up a mosquito net at each location so people can throw their fundraising donations into the net. Simple and symbolic.

If you are anywhere near us, please come and join us.

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