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Funds raised US$482,421,905
Nets funded 231,991,454
People protected 417,584,617

Kirsty and Zim swim

"Consider this: the equivalent of seven jumbo jets full of children die each day from malaria. Each day. That’s 3,000+ children.

It makes malaria the world’s single largest killer of children. Yet malaria is preventable. And the single most effective method of prevention is a $5 mosquito net that protects people from mosquito bites when they are asleep at night.

In my home country of Zimbabwe malaria is a very big problem. It is a huge problem in Africa and in Asia and in 80 or so countries around the world.

At a press conference in Montreal recently to launch World Swim Against Malaria I sat with some of the world’s best swimmers: Markus Rogan from Austria (double Olympic silver medalist and European champion); Michael Klim from Australia (an Olympic and world champion) and Mike Brown (the leading Canadian swimmer). It was fitting to have Europe, North America, Africa and Australasia all represented because malaria is a world problem and World Swim Against Malaria is a global swim.

It doesn’t matter how fast each of us swim: when it comes to World Swim Against Malaria each of us participating counts as one person swimming.

I am proud to see schools, swimming clubs and the swimming and sports institutions in Zimbabwe doing so much to encourage people to participate in World Swim Against Malaria.

My invitation to you is simple: please join in, swim and be counted."

Kirsty Coventry

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