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Funds raised US$560,443,947
Nets funded 254,664,373
People protected 458,395,871
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News for 2009, November - Show latest items

A milestone along the way: $5 million raised

Thanks to you and others we have now passed $5 million raised!

That's 1,169,735 nets (as I write) funded and distributed. 100% of the money we receive buys nets.

Thanks for your support. It is hugely appreciated.

The Big Africa Cycle Arrives on the Continent

Peter Gostelow is now over 3 months into his epic cycle from the UK to Cape Town, South Africa. After many adventures cycling through Europe he has now reached Africa (via Spain - Morocco). 

Peter's fundraising cycle has already raised enough to buy over 1,000 long-lasting insecticidal nets, protecting on average 2,000 children. You can read all about Peter's journey on his blog: http://www.thebigafricacycle.com as well as viewing some of the fantastic pictures he has taken along the way. You can support and encourage him via his fundraising page: http://www.AgainstMalaria.com/petergostelow

Against Malaria singled out as the most effective charity for fighting malaria

It is great to see that another organisation has selected us as their recommended charity for giving to malaria.  Giving What We Can is a relatively new charity, which encourages its members to give up to 10 per cent of their income to relieve suffering in the developing world.  Its focus, beyond promoting this pledge, is to then provide advice on the best places for giving so that people can feel reassured that their money is being used most effectively.  That is why we are especially pleased that, of malaria charities, they recommend Against Malaria.  

Nets Part Of Global Fund’s Brazil Malaria Effort

Against Malaria's mission to fight malaria by distributing nets was validated on Tuesday November 17 when the Global Fund announced they were committing EUR37 million over five years to treat and prevent malaria in Brazil. The Global Fund committing capital after learning that a reported 99% of malaria transmission in Brazil happens in the Amazon. While the project aims to both prevent and treat, it specifically mentions the planned distribution of insecticidal mosquito nets, actions Against Malaria have been taking for years. In addition to countless net distributions across Africa, Against Malaria has already distributed 2,000 nets in Peru thanks to a partnership with Amazon Promise, and 3,500 nets in Nicaragua, via a partnership with Project Concern International. Every individual can continue to help save lives by donating to Against Malaria, which has no administrative costs and puts 100% of donations toward net purchases. 

Citi showcase Against Malaria

We are very grateful to Citi who have provided us with free global banking since we began. Citi have chosen to showcase our relationship in their latest 'Case Studies for Corporate and Public Sector Clients' report. You can read the full report or view the Against Malaria section.

One of the reasons 100% of the money we receive buys mosquito nets is because many companies and individuals have agreed to help for free. 



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