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Funds raised US$568,071,195
Nets funded 257,026,648
People protected 462,647,966
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News for 2009, July - Show latest items

PwC's Abseil of The Century

On 8 September 2009, PwC UK Board members, their PAs and other carefully selected thrill-seekers/mad people will be taking the plunge for AMF in a sponsored abseil at their Embankment Place headquarters in central London.

This is just one of the many events that PwC have held in recent years in support of AMF and a group of 8 staff will be going out to Senegal in mid-August 2009 to work with local PwC Senegal staff and Peace Corps Volunteers on a distribution of some of the bednets bought with the $430,000 raised by PwC to date. If you're around Embankment on 8 September, come and see the guys in action.

A great new distribution video

We have just added a great new video documenting a recent net distribution in Peru. The Peruvian Amazon basin is a high risk malaria area and more than half of the reported 64,000 malaria cases in Peru in 2007 occurred in this region. 

The villages were quite remote and reaching them involved boats and helicopters, as you will see in the video. Special thanks go to Patrick Kirk who edited this for us. 


AMF one of only 6 out of 500 charities to be rated as 'Recommended'

We have had a very positive review from GiveWell, an independent charity evaluator. They have evaluated 500 charities and only recommend 6. We are one of them and we are chuffed at this recognition.
Full review


1 MILLION nets reached

Thank you for helping us reach 1 million nets which, once they are all delivered, will mean 2 million (mainly) children protected. We hope to achieve the next million nets even faster.

See the nets here



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