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Funds raised US$544,335,059
Nets funded 248,633,576
People protected 447,540,437
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Making a splash in style

While malaria is a serious problem, fundraising events can be a lot of fun. A Fancy Dress Swim Against Malaria had participants making a splash in style as a part of the Santa Monica 4th of July celebrations this year. One of several Fancy Dress Swims organised by the group from Santa Monica, the well dressed swimmers have raised funds for over 600 bed nets this year. The unusual spectacle of sequins in the sea raises both funds and awareness, and looks like great fun too!

Next time you're thinking of having a party, maybe a Fancy Dress Against Malaria could be your theme. Though taking a dive into the ocean could be optional.

Quilting Against Malaria

It's exciting to see the creative ways that people approach fundraising. Dawn from Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada is quilting against malaria, as part of the United Nations Exhibit Quilt Challenge. When searching for an image for her quilt under the "Making a Healthier World for our Children" theme, Dawn was inspired by the happy smiling face of a Malawian girl receiving her bed net. An experienced quilter of more than 20 years, Dawn is sharing the making of her quilt on her Against Malaria sponsorship page. And if you'd like to see the completed quilts, they'll be on display in at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland this November, followed by a tour of the United States at various quilt shows. Or just click on Dawn’s page to see the most recent update on her "Quilt Against Malaria".



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