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Malaria vaccine update - Oct 2011

From the Kaiser Daily Global Health Policy Report 

Reasons For Caution About Experimental Malaria Vaccine
"Writing in KPLU's "Humanosphere" blog, Tom Paulson responds to last week's announcement of results from an ongoing clinical trial of an experimental malaria vaccine, saying, "Despite the hype and fanfare, many experts at the Seattle meeting said this experimental vaccine (known as RTS,S) actually so far represents only incremental progress -- a scientific achievement which may still turn out to have little practical utility in the real world." Paulson says "the findings largely repeat earlier 'interim' results"; the cost of the vaccine, which has not yet been confirmed; and difficulty developing a malaria vaccine that offers an acceptable level of protection are reasons why the vaccine may not be successful (10/25)." The Kaiser Daily Global Health Policy Report is published by the Kaiser Family Foundation. 2011 Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation.

Other commentators also point out the need to continue using proven methods to combat malaria

All those working to defeat malaria hope the vaccine does prove to be a significant weapon in the fight against malaria.

UpdateNew England Journal of Medicine Editorial 

Infant mortality due to malaria falls in Africa

Awa Marie Coll-Seck, Executive Director of the 'Roll Back Malaria' Partnership, has just given an interview stating that malaria has moved from being the largest cause of infant mortality to the third largest in Africa, although this differs in many countries and regions.

Read more here.


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