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We are now GiveWell's #1 rated charity globally!

After thousands of hours of investigation, evaluation and review - covering internal documents, interviews and on-site visits - the independent charity evaluator GiveWell has just announced its new top-rated charity: Against Malaria!

Read their announcement and the detailed review of our charity for more details. 

What is it like to distribute nets?

Elise Johnson, a student at North Central High School, and now at Stanford University, talks on national radio in the US about her experience distributing nets in Senegal: http://soundmedicine.iu.edu/segment/3062/Malaria-Nets-for-Africa

The Global Fund cancel all Round 11 grants

The Global Fund (for Aids, TB and Malaria) has cancelled all Round 11 grants, ie for programmes from mid 2012, as they do not have the money to fund them. This is very worrying for the fight against malaria. Good progress in malaria control has been made in the last five years. Higher levels of net coverage have helped achieve a fall in malaria cases and deaths. We must keep up that momentum as it offers the best chance, and the real possibility, of malaria being brought under control with the dramatic reduction in the number of people who fall sick or die from malaria that can bring.

More info: The Guardian

1 million dollar donation for nets

The Souter Charitable Trust today announced a US$1 million donation to the UK charity the Against Malaria Foundation to fund long-lasting insecticide treated nets to protect people at risk from malaria.

This is one of the Trust's single largest donations to date.

Betty and Brian Souter commented:

"Malaria is a devastating killer of children under 5 and pregnant women. Yet a simple bed net can protect those at risk from falling sick and suffering or dying from the disease. These nets will protect half a million people. 

Important progress has been made in the fight against malaria over the last five years but funds for nets are still desperately needed.

The trust's purpose/mission is to support projects for the relief of human suffering and we have chosen the Against Malaria Foundation as the recipient of this donation because they are a highly effective charity in the ongoing efforts to combat malaria. They have a strong focus on transparency, accountability and efficiency in the way they operate. 100% of the funds we have donated will buy nets."

Rob Mather of the Against Malaria Foundation said:

"This is a fantastic donation which will allow us to protect half a million people as they sleep at night.

More specifically, the nets will be distributed from mid December 2011 to mid February 2012 in one of the 28 districts of Malawi to achieve universal coverage – all sleeping spaces covered – of a population of some 550,000 people. We expect this to have a significant impact in reducing malaria rates in a very badly affected area." 

Press Release (pdf 17.58 kb)


Nets instead of Christmas cards this year?

Instead of sending Christmas cards this year why not donate nets for the equivalent money and let your friends and family know?
Of course, you could also choose to donate nets instead of giving or receiving birthday presents, wedding gifts etc.
Simply donate and leave a message! We then send you a link which you can share with others. If you want to send something tangible then you could print out one of our gift cards...
Every net matters.


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