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News for 2012, November - Show latest items

Showing our future distributions

In the coming months we intend to publish status information for each potential distribution being assessed. Information will be presented in a format similar to that shown on our Future distributions page.


AMF has been ranked #1 for the second year running!

We are delighted to say GiveWell has just announced its updated top charity ranking... and AMF has been ranked #1 for the second year running!
GiveWell has said, "...of all the charitable interventions we know of that have clear room for more funding, this one has the strongest evidence of effectiveness and cost-effectiveness. AMF has outstanding self-evaluation and transparency. It first became our #1 charity in late 2011 and has continued to impress us."
Read their announcement and the detailed review of our charity for more details.

Recently approved distributions and others being assessed

Recently approved 
We have approved a distribution of 250,000 nets in the districts of Balaka and Dedza in Malawi. The distribution would take sleeping space coverage levels from 30-60% (the level is currently unknown) to 90% and above. We are discussing the funding of non-net costs and the timing of the pre-distribution registration survey with our distribution partner. We expect the distribution to place before the end of Q1 2013.

Update to donors with as yet allocated donations

We have not proceeded with three potential distributions being considered during 2012 in Malawi, Togo and Mali.
Malawi, 600,000 LLINs 
Through January to June 2012 we offered to contribute 600,000 to 1 million nets to close the gap in nets required to achieve universal coverage. The NMCP would not progress discussions about sharing the extensive pre-distribution registration data they said they had. We considered it important for us to see to this information before contributing nets. 

3rd update on our distribution in Ntcheu District, Malawi

We have received the third three-months set of post-distribution malaria case data following the February 2012 distribution of 270,000 nets in Ntcheu District, Malawi. The results continue to be good.

Malaria vaccine update - an additional comment

While recent field trial results for the potential malaria vaccine RTS,S may be disappointing, it is worth noting this is important work and the science may well prove an important contributor to the eventual development of a successful, cost-effective malaria vaccine. From an editorial in The New England Journal Of Medicine by Johanna Daily:

Malaria vaccine update

Everyone involved in malaria control has a fervent wish a malaria vaccine is found.
There is what could be bad news about one potential malaria vaccine.

Malaria outbreak in Greece

Greece has reported a total of more than 70 cases of malaria since the beginning of the year. This is worrying. However, given the relative economic wealth and levels of sanitation and other health services in Greece compared to many African and other malaria affected countries, it can be expected this outbreak can be contained. Read more



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