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Funds raised US$560,810,302
Nets funded 254,847,550
People protected 458,725,590
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$14 million and 55 thousand donors

We have just reached the $14 million milestone, only a few weeks after passing $13 million!

We have received donations both large and small and every $4 matters as every net matters.

100% of the funds we have received will buy nets and all donors will be able to see exactly where the nets they fund are distributed. 

$13 million raised and 3 million nets funded so far

We have just passed the $13 million mark, thanks to a donor from San Francisco, USA!

Every donation from every person counts as the total of $13,120,514 from over 54,000 donations and transactions, in 168 countries, indicates. 100% buys nets.

That's 3,038,427 nets, protecting more than 5 million people.

Thank you! 


2012 highlights

2012 has been a good year for Against Malaria. With your support we have almost reached the $13 million raised mark and we would like to share a few of the highlights with you.
Malaria in Ntcheu, Malawi falls by up to 50%
After a major distribution of 270,000 nets in locations across Ntcheu we have been collecting data on the incidence of malaria in each location and monitoring the continued use and condition of the nets. more
#1 ranked
GiveWell ranked us #1 for the second year running, saying "AMF has outstanding self-evaluation and transparency. It first became our #1 charity in late 2011 and has continued to impress us." more
Updated website
We have revamped our website and added even more information on the workings of the charity, in keeping with our emphasis on transparency with all aspects of our work. We have made improvements to many other pages and added the ability to make a donation as a gift for someone else. more

Best wishes for the holiday season,
Rob and Andrew 


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