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News for 2012, July - Show latest items

An update on our distribution in Ntcheu District, Malawi

We now have two sets of post-distribution data following the December 2011 to February 2012 distribution of 270,000 nets that achieved universal coverage of a population of 550,000 in Ntcheu District, Malawi and the results are very strong.

A quick summary:  

  1. Malaria rates in March to June 2012 are already 50%, 45%, 40% and 40% lower than in the corresponding months in 2011. 
  2. The six months post-distribution survey of 7,657 households and 15,768 nets showed a hang-up (usage) level of 90% and the percentage of nets in a very good condition is 99% (ninety nine). 
We will continue to collect and publish monthly malaria data and hope to see a continued and sustained decline in malaria rates.
You can read more about the results and see the malaria case rate and survey data online.


50,000th donation!

We have just received our 50,000th donation! (In some cases a single donation received by us actually consists of many hundreds of individual donations, collected as part of a fundraising event.) This milestone donor was Yetzenia Leiva who donated $10 in support of a friend's birthday. Thank you Yetzenia!
We have also just passed US$11,500,000 raised - see our milestones page.
We are currently looking at two significant distributions of 500,000 nets each and hope to make decisions very shortly. Each distribution would protect approximately 900,000 people.


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