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Funds raised US$612,288,921
Nets funded 279,222,711
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News for 2013, December - Show latest items

What Would You Do If A Stranger Handed You $100?

The Life You Can Save has offered thousands of dollars to strangers on the street and gave them a choice: they could keep the money and run, or hand it over to charity! See what happened in the video below and take part in their giving game too! 

Nightmare: Malaria exceptionally well received and reviewed!

The Nightmare: Malaria game developed by Pysop Games has been exceptionally well received and reviewed! It was downloaded more than 160,000 times across 181 countries in its first ten days (wow!) and is now nearing a quarter of a million downloads, been featured in the iTunes US App Store and on FastCoCreate, and been reviewed by AndroidPolice.


See: iTunes App StoreGoogle Play store and Kindle Fire


Future distributions update

Future distributions    
We have made significant progress with assessing four distributions totalling 5.87m nets and expect to provide a formal update with details by the second week in February.

Additional funding
We are presently seeking funding of an additional $5m to be able to fund fully those distributions currently being discussed and requiring a decision before the end of March 2014.

Tax-deductibility in Switzerland

Individuals in Switzerland can now make tax-deductible donations to AMF.
Effective Altruism Switzerland (EACH) is able to receive tax deductible donations on behalf of AMF. This allows individual donors to benefit from full tax deductibility when donating a minimum of CHF100. The tax deductibility applies for total donations per year of up to 20% of the donor's gross salary. A small fee of a few CHF, and up to CHF20, is deducted by EACH to cover costs. There also may be a bank transfer charge. Any donation intended for AMF must be accompanied by email notification to EACH and to AMF making clear the donation is intended for AMF.

Nightmare: Malaria - launched!


Nightmare: Malaria is now available to download and play for free on your iOS and Android devices!

Our thanks go to EGG (Establishment for the Greater Good) and PsyOp who have created a fantastic animation, voiced by Susan Sarandon, and also a superb free-to-play game. 

Visit the Nightmare: Malaria site to find out more.


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