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Funds raised US$544,322,507
Nets funded 248,627,301
People protected 447,529,142
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News for 2013, February - Show latest items

Future distributions - updated

We have recently made significant progress in assessing a number of future distributions.

You can view the current status of each distribution with visual and summary updates on our future distributions page.


Non-net costs

For the first time AMF is funding non-nets costs for a distribution i.e. costs beyond those of just the nets themselves. It is not expected this will become the norm or indeed be repeated. The funding for non-net costs will NOT come from public donations to AMF. Our promise that '100% of the funds you donate will buy nets' still stands. They will instead be covered by donor/s who have arranged with us to donate for this specific purpose. We explain here why we are doing this



Details of recently approved distributions

We have approved a distribution of 235,000 LLINs to the two districts of Balaka and Dedza in Malawi. Both districts are badly affected by malaria. These nets will be distributed form March to July 2013 and will achieve universal coverage - coverage of all sleeping spaces - across both districts. Each net protects close to two people. Our distribution partner for this distribution is Concern Universal.
You can view the details of the Balaka and Dedza distributions on our website.


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