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DRC, West Kasaï Province: Distribution Report and separate Technology Report

The Distribution Report is now available.  
A separate Technology Report, with an executive summary, shares details of our, and our distribution partner IMA's, experience using smartphone technology for data collection.
Smartphones were used to collect registration information from all households (255,500) receiving nets in a universal coverage mass net distribution. This allowed a significant quantity of data to be captured directly in electronic form.

The process proved very effective overall.
  • 91% of the nets distributed had data recorded electronically
  • 96% of the household data records were without error
We consider this a very strong outcome. This was the first use of smartphone data collection in a challenging distribution environment. It is also a strong basis from which to build. It was not without problems but, importantly, demonstrated significant potential for future distributions. We intend to use the same data collection process in the next net distribution, adjusted to apply lessons learned.

Background: 676,000 LLINs were distributed in West Kasaï Province, DRC during October to December 2014.

DRC, West Kasai Province: First post-distribution net use check-up

The first post-distribution check-up (PDCU) of net use and condition is underway in West Kasai Province, DRC.  5% of households, randomly selected, across 5 Health Zones will be visited, unannounced, to assess net use and condition.
Our distribution partner IMA World Health is conducting the check-up. The data are being gathered using smartphone technology and will be published once received and formatted, along with a report.
The PDCU has four objectives. First, to act as a further mechanism of accountability by reconciling the nets found during the PDCU with those in the distribution data. Second, to provide data on the use and condition of the nets, from which we understand coverage levels. Third, to encourage communities to continue to use nets and achieve high levels of coverage. Fourth, to provide data to the District Health Officer (or equivalent) and his/her team that may contribute to decisions on further malaria control-related interventions such as hang-up reminder activities.
Background: 676,000 LLINs were distributed in West Kasai Province, DRC during October to December 2014.

Malawi, Dedza District: First post-distribution net use check-up

The first post-distribution check-up (PDCU) of net use and condition was recently carried out in Dedza District, Malawi.  Five percent of households, randomly selected, across 34 Health Centre Areas (HCAs) in the district were visited, unannounced, to assess net use and condition.
The data are being entered in Malawi now and may be viewed in real-time. As soon as all data have been entered we will publish a summary of the results.
The specific nature of the data - at the health centre level - means the District Health Officer (DHO), health centre leaders, community leaders and other health workers are able to decide what targeted malaria control intervention might be appropriate in specific areas. In circumstances where health systems and resources are stretched, information that assists with targeted interventions can help with effective use of resources and that is the aim of this information.
Background: 245,489 LLINs were distributed in Dedza District in September and October 2014.

Video from West Kasaï, DRC

We now have video from a recent distribution in Kasaï Occidental, Congo (DRC) which we have added to the distribution page. 

Nets were distributed in seven Health Zones in Kasaï Occidental (Western Kasaï) to achieve universal coverage (all sleeping spaces covered) across a population of some 1.2 million people. In addition, 6,000 nets covered all hospital and maternity beds across all health facilities in the seven Health Zones.

Hospitals/Maternity Centres


Kasaï Occidental, Congo (DRC) distribution page 

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