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Funds raised US$566,181,015
Nets funded 256,332,160
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News for 2015, July - Show latest items

German bank account opened

AMF (Germany) has recently opened an in-country EUR account to allow German donors to more easily make donations by bank transfer. All donations by German citizens are tax-deductible as AMF (Germany) is a registered charity with donee tax-deductible status.

You can find more details on the our charity and tax-deductible status in Germany, and other countries, on our Charity Status page and details of ways to donate online and offline on our donations page.


Understanding malaria: a quick overview of its wider effects

Although this article is from 2002, it provides a useful overview on why malaria has the impact it does. It gives an insight, for example, into why it affects the education and work opportunities of women. While the number of deaths and cases of illness from malaria have come down over the last ten years through all the efforts of communities and the aid community, the content of this article is still very relevant today.


Real-time financial reporting

Consistent with our aims of being transparent and efficient, our real-time accounts for the current financial year are now publicly available. They are updated automatically when a donation is made or a cost added to our records.
At any time during the financial year donors and other stakeholders can see our year-to-date financial numbers.
We are able to do this as an automatic system sits behind all funds movements - donations, expenditures and, from an accounting perspective, accruals - so we know our financial position at any time.
This information is available as a by-product of the automation of our financial systems, the benefits of which we have written about previously.

Application submitted for DGR status in Australia

We have submitted an application to the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) as we seek Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status. If granted, this would allow donors to make donations to AMF (Australia) and receive a tax deduction on their donation. We understand we can expect to hear from the ACNC in a matter of weeks although we do not know how many. As soon as we have news we will post an update.

US$6m commitment to malaria control support in Malawi in 2018

AMF and Concern Universal, Malawi (CU) have accepted the Malawi National Malaria Control Programme’s (NMCP) invitation to assume responsibility for the district-wide net distribution re-coverage campaigns in Ntcheu, Balaka, Dedza and Dowa districts in 2018. These are the four districts in which the AMF/CU partnership has distributed nets in 2012, 2014 and will in all districts in 2015. This timing is consistent with the three year re-coverage cycle needed to keep affected populations protected from malaria-carrying mosquitoes when they sleep at night.
Forward planning benefits all partners
The planning horizon for NMCPs, so they can secure funds to protect populations at risk, is three to four years. Hence, these future distributions being considered now.
This timeframe allows AMF to plan and secure funding in good time. Having specific projects to present to potential donors can help secure funds.
It allows Concern Universal to better plan and manage staff knowing the projects they will be working on several years ahead. Staff can be engaged on a permanent, multi-year basis, rather than on a project basis and the team can develop specific experience to manage and deliver all aspects of a distribution with increasing efficiency.
The combination of a portfolio of four districts, with each having seven interventions across a three year period (a pre-distribution registration survey, a distribution and five six-monthly post-distribution check-ups), and the staggered timing of the distributions and other interventions, allows an efficient and cost-effective deployment of staff and other resources.
Extended contribution to malaria control activities
Currently, CU’s malaria control activities are focused on carrying out universal coverage net distributions and their follow-up, and monitoring malaria case rate data.
The continuity of involvement in these districts will allow CU to deepen collaboration with District Health Officers (DHOs) and their teams and assist in other areas of malaria control, for example with systems and capacity building. Working closely with health centre management teams may lead to improvements in malaria diagnosis and the accuracy of malaria data collected.
Context: AMF and CU’s ultimate aim
AMF and CU’s ultimate aim is for our support for malaria control not to be needed. This will be the case if malaria is reduced to a very low level and/or if a population at risk from malaria is able to buy the nets they need and free-to-recipient distributions are not required. Currently, neither are the case. Carrying out three or four cycles of mass distribution of nets, if done well, can play a major role in bringing down the level of malaria in a population so that either or both of these objectives can be met.

Accounts for FY to 30 June 2015 (unaudited) now available

Our Financial Year ended yesterday at midnight and, as part of our commitment to efficiency, our annual accounts have been generated and are available to view on our Easier-to-understand accounts page

We are able to show our pre-audit numbers within a few hours of the end of our financial year as we have now completed the automation of our financial systems which brings a number of benefits: 

  1. Accurate management information - On any aspect of our finances at any time
  2. Improved transparency - For management, governance and audit purposes
  3. Improved efficiency - Minimal administrative input to prepare the accounts at year end (data is entered most working days during the year)
  4. Swift production of our annual accounts - Within 24 hrs of FY end i.e. once the closing balances on our accounts are known the next day
  5. Assisting our auditors - Swift availability of our draft annual accounts to give our auditors maximum flexibility in scheduling their work
  6. Keeping stakeholders up to date – Providing donors, trustees and other stakeholders with timely information on our financial status and performance

A further benefit is we now have real-time financials in our ‘Easier-to-Understand’ section of our financial information.


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