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Funds raised US$565,106,186
Nets funded 256,414,922
People protected 461,546,860
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News for 2016, July - Show latest items

Update on potential future distributions and funding gaps

We are currently discussing funding for four net distributions that require nets in early to mid-2017.

We are in a position to discuss these distributions as a result of the many individual donations that have allowed us to ring-fence US$24.9m and enter discussions with the relevant National Malaria Control Programmes with, necessarily, funds in hand to honour agreements reached.

Thanks to this support, AMF has been able to take an important step forward and discuss, at the same time, a series of multi-million net distributions with the prospect of protecting large numbers of people.

The total quantity of nets required is 13.9 million to protect in total 25 million people, all in countries in Africa.

  • 5.2m LLINs to protect 9.4m people, for distribution in July-August 2017
  • 4.6m LLINs to protect 8.3m people, for distribution in July-October 2017
  • 3.0m LLINs to protect 5.4m people, for distribution in March-May 2017
  • 1.1m LLINs to protect 2.0m people, for distribution in July 2017

The total required to fully fund these distributions is US$34.6m, US$9.4m more than we currently have available. We will assess our total funds available in the coming weeks and will either decline funding of one or more distributions or scale back funding for a number of them.

We continue to focus on raising funds to maximize what we are able to contribute. Each additional donation increases the quantity of nets to which we can commit, so every donation matters.

We are also discussing a number of net distributions scheduled for 2018 for which the funding requirement would be a further US$65-95m and we are actively seeking support for these opportunities. In each case, the relevant countries have started discussions to identify funding sources and we hope we will be able to play a part in those discussions.

Further details for these potential distributions

Accountability and transparency elements in recently agreed distributions

In two recently agreed distributions we have seen developments that are very positive and that will help in achieving high levels of accountability and understanding of how these net distributions perform.

In the last six months we have signed agreements funding 2.7 million nets for distribution in Ghana (Apr to Jul 2016) and 10.7 million nets for Uganda (Oct 2016 to May 2017). We are pleased to say that several standard operational aspects of AMF-funded distributions, that improve accountability, are being adopted in these distributions and for the first time in the two countries.

In Uganda, household net-need information will be gathered using a '105% data collection' approach whereby a second set of data collectors, with no knowledge of previously collected data, visit 5% of the households already visited by the main data collectors. The 5% data overlap is compared to give an indication of data integrity. Both sets of data collectors are aware of this independent data-checking mechanism and this helps to ensure data is collected accurately. The Uganda NMCP has decided to implement this approach country-wide (i.e. in all four regions) and not just in the two regions in which AMF-funded nets are being distributed.

In Ghana, in the three regions for which AMF is funding nets, household-level data (including the name of the head of household, number of people in the household, number of nets needed) that is collected on paper, is being put in electronic form (into a database) by data entry clerks thereby giving easy access for all partners to the complete set of data for the numbers and locations of nets distributed.

Accounts for FY to 30 June 2016 (unaudited) now available

Our Financial Year ended yesterday at midnight and, as part of our commitment to efficiency, our annual accounts have been generated and are available to view on our Easier-to-understand accounts page.

We are able to show our pre-audit numbers within a few hours of the end of our financial year due to the level of automation of our financial systems which brings a number of benefits:

  1. Accurate management information - On any aspect of our finances at any time
  2. Improved transparency - For management, governance and audit purposes
  3. Improved efficiency - Minimal administrative input to prepare the accounts at year end (data is entered most working days during the year)
  4. Swift production of our annual accounts - Within 24 hrs of FY end i.e. once the closing balances on our accounts are known the next day
  5. Assisting our auditors - Swift availability of our draft annual accounts to give our auditors maximum flexibility in scheduling their work
  6. Keeping stakeholders up to date – Providing donors, trustees and other stakeholders with timely information on our financial status and performance

A further benefit is we now have real-time financials in our ‘Easier-to-Understand’ section of our financial information.


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