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Funds raised US$546,180,259
Nets funded 249,557,490
People protected 449,203,482
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News for 2019, December - Show latest items

2019 Round up and update - Thank you for your support!

As 2019 draws to a close we would like to thank all who have supported and worked with AMF this year as without donors, distribution partners, volunteers and pro bono supporters we would not be able to do what we do in contributing to the fight against malaria. Thank you!

Distributions update

Distributions and follow-up surveys are currently being undertaken in a number of countries. We have recently completed the distribution of 4.8 million nets in Guinea, 1.5 million nets in Equateur Province, DRC and 1.0 million nets in Papua New Guinea; 1.9 million nets are about to be distributed in Sud Ubangi province, DRC; 8.4 million nets will be distributed in the coming months across the provinces of Haut Katanga, Tanganyika and Haut Lomami provinces, all in DRC; and we have committed to fund 3.6 million nets in Togo in 2020 and a further 16.2 million nets in seven provinces in DRC in 2020. In total, these nets will protect 66 million people.

Future distributions

There remains a huge need for nets. The gap for the next two years runs into tens of millions of nets. AMF is involved in discussions with a number of countries requiring millions of nets each for the period 2020 and 2021. AMF’s immediate funding gap is many tens of millions of dollars.

We will publish commitments as they are made.

482,000th donation and over US$226 million raised so far! (getting close to a quarter of a billion!)

We are thrilled to have recently received our 482,000th donation, with most donations ranging from a few dollars (and £, €, CAN$, NZ$, AUS$, bitcoin and more) to many thousands.

We are so grateful for your support. Thank you!


We now have tax-deductible status in a dozen countries. We continue to assess the need for tax-deductibility status in other countries, some of which are already in the application stage and we hope to complete in the very near future.

AMF top ranked!

AMF has again been top-ranked by the two leading organisations 'dedicated to finding outstanding giving opportunities'.

GiveWell has ranked AMF a top charity, for the eighth time in nine years
The Life You Can Save has AMF as a top-ranked charity for the ninth year in a row

A suggestion for the Christmas/Holiday season!

Donate nets instead of gifts.

We send the recipient/s an email (on a date you choose e.g. 25th Dec) with your personal message and a link to their 'gift page', allowing them to follow the progress of their nets.

May we wish you a very happy and healthy 2020!

Rob, Andrew, Peter, Julian, Jenny, Shaun, Aisling and David

US$225m milestone passed!

We have now reached a total raised of US$225,000,000 since AMF started and the donation that took us past that milestone was one from Tampere, Finland! Kiitos!

This equates to the funding of more than 104 million nets to protect 187 million people and an expected impact, once all nets are distributed, of more than 50 to 60 million cases of malaria averted, 70,000 to 80,000 lives saved, and economic improvement of US$2.7billion.

We have also just passed 480,000 donations received, with this coming from over 126,830 people in 192 countries!

As always, our sincere thanks to everyone for their wonderful support and generosity.

AMF activity update: November 2019

A short update on activities going on this month.

  1. In Uganda, the first results of the study into the effectiveness of a new type of net have been published. Read more here. Our PDM partner has completed the 30-month PDM in some districts in the Eastern region and all data will be entered in December.
  2. In DRC, the distribution of 1.5 million nets in Équateur province has been completed. See photos below. Distribution data has been sent to Kinshasa, where it is being entered into AMF's database. In Haut Katanga, the registration of 1.4 million households has begun with a pilot of electronic data collection in three of the 27 health zones. This will be the first time that our distribution partner, SANRU (Santé Rurale), will conduct electronic data collection and this will be a chance to gain experience at scale before the registration of all provinces in 2020 and 2021 is performed electronically. This is one of the largest provinces in DRC where 4.1 million nets will be distributed in February and March. Registration in Sud Ubangi province begins on 17th December. Significant flooding has caused some disruption to the distribution schedule with an estimated 150,000 people internally displaced.
  3. In Togo, 3.5 million nets are being ordered for the 2020 campaign, following the signature of an agreement last month. Given evidence in some locations of insecticide resistance, we are considering a possible purchase of PBO nets.
  4. AMF is still hiring for two positions, an Operations Manager and a Full Stack Developer, with an application deadline of 6th January 2020
  5. In Ghana, we have completed the 9-month post-distribution monitoring (PDM), and we will discuss the results with the National Malaria Control Programme (NMCP) to understand what actions can be taken to improve net usage. The next PDM will take place in March 2020.
  6. In Malawi, our PDM partner has finished the first round of PDMs. Data is being imported into our Data Entry System, after which it will be analysed.
  7. In Guinea, PDMs will begin in February 2020 and we will shortly select our PDM partner. Investigations into a possible theft of AMF nets are almost complete (with positive news), and we will post an update in the next two weeks.
  8. In PNG, our partner RAM continues to distribute nets on a rolling basis. Distributions have been completed in 6 of the 8 provinces scheduled for 2019, with 650,000 nets distributed. The reminder of the one million nets funded for 2019, 350,000, are scheduled to be distributed in January and February 2020. Nets are on their way to PNG for the first province, Milne Bay, that will receive AMF-funded nets in the 2020 campaign with net orders for additional provinces being placed shortly.
  9. In Zambia, the 18 months PDM in Eastern province is now complete and our partner organisation is currently entering the data into AMF’s database.

    A training session for distribution staff A woman with her nets Access to many distribution points in Equateur is by boat An example of a hung net is shown at the distribution point Community members queue outside the distribution point to receive their nets Community members wait to receive nets, next to an example of a hung net Community members who have received their mosquito nets Distribution data is collected on paper


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