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Guinea 4 million net distribution – Registration phase completed

The registration has just finished in Guinea of 2.3 million households that will receive nets in the nationwide universal coverage campaign that will take place in April and May 2019. Registration establishes the net need for each household individually.

The four regions that will receive 3.86 million AMF-funded nets are Boké, Faranah, N'zérékoré and Kankan. In these regions 990,000 households were registered in 12 days by 6,900 community health volunteers with management and supervision at sub-district, district and regional level by Guinea's National Malaria Control Programme (NMCP).

A number of data-driven mechanisms are in place to maximize, and provide evidence for, the accuracy of the registration.

  1. "105% Registration"
    Community health workers, coordinated by the NMCP, carry out "105% registration" whereby 100% of the households are visited to establish net need for each individual household, and then a random sample of 5% of the households are re-visited by a separate group of data collectors with no knowledge of the 100% data collected. Importantly, those carrying out the 100% registration are aware re-visits will take place. This acts as a mechanism to encourage accurate registration.
  2. Independent monitoring
    AMF funds an independent organisation to monitor the way the registration is managed and carried out by the NMCP. The 100% and 5% registrations are monitored closely in 40 randomly selected villages. This monitoring provides quantitative and qualitative insight into the registration process and is carried out in the spirit of wishing to know how well things are going, what challenges are faced by the teams carrying out the work and what lessons can be learned for this and future campaigns.
  3. Independent Village Re-registration (IVR)
    An independent organisation, funded by AMF, carries out the whole village re-registration of 40 villages, selected at random, with the very specific objective of recording the details of all households in each of the villages. The data collected can be compared with the 100% registration data. This provides AMF with an independent source of information to help assess the accuracy of the NMCP-led registration.
  4. Electronification of household records
    Household registration data collected on paper are sent to a data entry centre located in the capital, Conakry, where they are entered into AMF's Data Entry System (DES). AMF funds this work, carried out by 400 data entry clerks. This transparent process allows visibility for all partners of household records, and analysis of them. This would not be possible if paper-based records remained at individual health facilities and only summary numbers were sent to the NMCP.

3.5 million nets funded by AMF have now arrived in Guinea. Once the registration data has been analysed, the final number of nets required to ensure complete protection of the population in the four regions will be ordered, produced and shipped to Guinea for distribution in May. This 'split-shipment' approach, with the second quantity shipped guided by actual registration data, allows us to be accurate and not wasteful with the number of nets we fund and distribute whilst ensuring all those that need to be protected receive nets.


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