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AMF activity update: July 2019

Checking the condition and installation of the net

A short update on activities going on in-country this month. We will aim to post a brief update like this each month.

  • In DRC, the registration of 500,000 households in Équateur province is underway and our partner RHA is in the field carrying out independent monitoring of the registration. The distribution of 1.5 million nets is scheduled for September. A further 1.9 million nets will arrive shortly by ship in DRC for distribution in Sud Ubangi province in October. The production of 8.4 million nets is underway with these nets scheduled for distribution in Haut Lomami, Tanganyika and Haut Katanga provinces in December, January and February.
  • In Zambia, our partner CHAZ has just finished a round of post-distribution monitoring (PDM) activities in North-Western province and started data entry yesterday so that all records will shortly be in electronic form and ready for independent review by the AMF team. 3.0 million nets were distributed in 2018.
  • In Ghana, our partner World Vision is carrying out a PDM in Brong Ahafo region. Data is being collected electronically (see photos). 3.6 million nets were distributed in 2018.
  • In Malawi, we have put in place an agreement with the Red Cross to start PDMs later this month. 4.3 million nets were distributed in 2018.
     Carrying out a PDM survey
  • In Guinea, 940,000 nets are arriving in a second shipment and will be distributed in three weeks, completing the distribution of 4.8 million nets
  • In Uganda, the 24-month PDM, i.e. monitoring that takes place 24 months after the distribution of nets in the respective districts, is continuing. Sleeping space coverage at 24 months (partial results) is 84%. 12.7 million nets were distributed in 2017/8.
  • In PNG, the rolling distribution of nets continues (year round activity, province by province) and PDM activity starts this week. In 2019, a total of 1.0 million nets will be distributed.
  • In Togo, the 18-month PDM was carried out in May using electronic devices and showed a sleeping space coverage of 88%. 2.4 million nets were distributed in 2018.


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