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Funds raised US$561,404,634
Nets funded 255,143,602
People protected 459,258,484
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News for 2023, November - Show latest items

'Double Up Drive' - Very generous matching donations to AMF!

For information

If you are considering donating to AMF very soon, there is the possibility your donation could be doubled if you make it via the Double Up Drive.

AMF has been chosen as one of very few charities and there is a matching pot of US$350,000.

  • Maximum of US$5,000 per donor per charity
  • There is no limit to how many people can donate to AMF
  • To be sure/maximise the chances of a match to your donation, we would suggest very quick action
  • If you donate, please do 'opt in' at Double-Up for your details to be shared with AMF as then we (AMF) can email you a link to show you where your nets will be distributed. Note: We do not add you to a list and we do not send soliciting emails.

Donations are matched on a 'first come, first matched' basis until the matching pot is used up. There is no downside in donating via DUpD, only an upside.

Simply visit www.doubleupdrive.org

1,000,000th donation!

We are delighted to share the news that AMF has recently gone past the milestone of one million donations received since AMF began.

This total is from 202,323 people in 200 countries, with the smallest donation being US$2 and the largest US$53 million, for a total of US$541,549,263 raised to date.

Our thanks to so many people who so generously care about the fight against malaria.

The 1,000,000th donation was a US$100 donation from Jenifer in Ohio, USA!

Other numbers, in increasing order of importance, are: 247,208,000 nets funded (or will be) to protect 444,975,000 people in 40 countries leading to, once all nets funded are distributed and have had their impact, an estimated improvement in local economies of US$6.5 billion, and estimates of 185 million cases of malaria averted and 185,000 lives saved.

Thank you to all who have donated so far, to all those who have provided pro bono support to AMF as well as to our many partners in the field who work so hard to bring about change.

We are so grateful to you.

With funding gaps that exist, AMF's commitment to fighting malaria is as strong as ever and the need to fight this disease is urgent. Every $2 donation matters as much as ever, as each net matters to the two people it protects.

From all of us at AMF – thank you.

Rob, Andrew, Peter, Shaun, Julian, Ruth, Richard, Alicja, Jeremy, Izabel, Neil, Helena and Eliette


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