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Funds raised US$481,851,302
Nets funded 232,043,652
People protected 417,678,574

730,000 LLIN distribution agreed for North Ubangi district, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

AMF has agreed to fund 730,000 LLINs for distribution in North Ubangi district in Equatéur province to achieve coverage of all sleeping spaces (universal coverage) across all eleven of the district’s health zones. The nets will protect approximately 1.3 million people and will be distributed in the first half of 2015 with specific dates being determined now.
The distribution is a partnership between AMF, who will be funding the nets and shipping cost to DRC, the UK's Department of International Development (DFID) who will be funding all non-net costs through the ASSP (Access to Primary Health Care) project and IMA World Health who will be responsible for carrying out the pre-distribution, distribution and post-distribution follow-up activities.
This is the second such co-funding and distribution partnership between the three organisations, following that in Kasai Occidental province to distribute 676,000 nets during August to November 2014.
DRC is one of the two most affected malaria countries in the world. It is estimated some 500 people per day die in DRC from malaria. Large scale net distributions therefore have the potential to make a significant improvement to the health of the communities protected.
At the same time, operating in DRC is challenging given the recent conflict, poor infrastructure, minimal access to health care, difficult geography and long distances between towns and villages.
The distribution of nets and follow-up will be strongly data-driven. The distribution will be accompanied by detailed monitoring and reporting. Post-distribution check-ups of net use and condition will take place on a six to nine month rolling schedule for three years. The detailed planning of the distribution and follow-up will respect the practicalities of working in such a challenging environment as that presented by DRC.  
DFID has significant experience in operating in DRC, including funding large scale net distributions, and has in-country presence. IMA World Health has worked in DRC since 2000 and currently manages a series of significant health initiatives across five of the country’s eleven provinces. They have significant management experience of conducting large scale net distributions.