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Funds raised US$541,197,236
Nets funded 246,975,133
People protected 444,555,239

800,000th donation received, US$460,000,000 raised and 400 million people able to be protected - Thank you for your support!

We are delighted and grateful to be able to share that we have recently gone past several milestones - our 800,000th donation received, US$460,000,000 raised and a total of 400 million protected once we have distributed all the nets we can now fund.

Most donations range from a few dollars - and GBP, EUR, CND, NZD, AUD, YEN, BTC, ETH and more - to many thousands, with occasional large and very large donations. These donations have come from donors in 193 countries.

We publish and keep up to date in real-time our overall funding gap, which remains significant and is likely to be so over the coming few years so donations are put to work straight away.

As has always been the case, every US$2 matters as that buys a net that protects two people when they sleep at night, so we are incredibly grateful for your support for, and generosity to, AMF in helping achieve these milestones.

If ever I or the team at AMF can answer any questions, please do let us know. (Yes, I have a question). Thank you!