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Australia: Situation regarding application by AMF (Australia) for tax deductible status

Several hundred donors and potential donors in Australia have contacted us and asked to know our status as a potential tax deductible charity and the reason why our previous application was turned down. 
AMF (Australia) does not currently have tax deductible status. Such status, if approved, would allow donors to claim a tax deduction on future donations to the charity.
We will shortly be submitting a further application to AusAid requesting consideration for this status. We understand we would expect to hear the result of our submission six months later. We will post the result of our application as soon as we know it.
AMF (Australia) applied for tax deductible status in 2009.  AusAid turned us down for three reasons and told us the following:
  • CRITERION (iii) It is a community-based organisation accountable to its membership.

    In order to fully meet this OAGDS assessment criterion, [Against] Malaria Foundation (Australia) needs to report on all costs of the organisation’s operations, including fund-raising and administration costs, even though these may be covered by separate donations in cash or in-kind.
Our comment: We believe we did this. We have no cash costs in Australia and we reported in detail on the pro bono support we receive.
  • CRITERION (vii) It and its overseas partners are both effective in conducting their activities.

    In order to meet this OAGDS assessment criterion, [Against] Malaria Foundation (Australia) needs to demonstrate full interaction with its partners in all areas of the project cycle.  In particular, it needs to provide evidence that it collects data from its partners to evaluate the impact of its specific programs and uses the results of such evaluations to strengthen future project activities.
Our comment: We believe we did so and comprehensively. We provided evidence and pointed to documents online.
  • CRITERION (v)  Its activities are focused on development and/or relief covering least one and preferably two years.

    In order to meet this OAGDS criterion, [Against] Malaria Foundation (Australia) needs to provide documentation from itself or its partners consciously demonstrating a sustainable development paradigm.
Our comment: We believe we did so and comprehensively. The criterion says ‘development and/or relief’. It would seem to us that either or both cover well what we do.
We believed we had submitted a further application in 2010. AusAid told us they considered we had not. Discussions took place though 2011 and beyond. We were not clear how we could add information to our application.
Prior to submitting a new application we will a) try and understand if there is/are some structural aspect/s of what we do and how we do it that may mean we will not be eligible for such status and, if that is not the case b) we will work hard to try and address any concerns AusAid may have.