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Encouraging early stage progress with candidate malaria vaccine PfSEA-1

There is encouraging news about progress with a potential malaria vaccine, PfSEA-1.
A study in Tanzania took regular blood samples from a group of 1,000 children living in a highly malarious area, in the first years of their lives. 6% of these children developed a naturally acquired immunity to malaria. They produce an antibody that attacks the malaria-causing parasite.
What is particularly interesting about this candidate vaccine is the source of the compound being investigated: antibodies found in humans. This is different from many candidate vaccines which do not have a ‘starting point’ in humans. This may be an indication of a higher probability of a positive outcome at the human trials stage where proof is required of both the efficacy and safety of the vaccine.
The research team said they were encouraged by the results but stress more research is required. Trials are now needed in primates and humans to fully assess the vaccine's promise.