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Funds raised US$545,284,252
Nets funded 249,108,173
People protected 448,394,711

Malaria deaths down by 60% and 663 million cases stopped in Africa in the last 15 years

Two reports, one in the journal Nature and another by the World Health Organisation, provide information on progress against malaria. Insecticide treated bed nets were responsible for 68% of the reduction in malaria cases.
  • Malaria death rates have fallen 60% globally since 2000
  • 663 million cases have been prevented in Africa over the past 15 years
     - 68% of the reduction due to the distribution of a billion bed nets
     - 22% was attributed to the treatment artemisinin
     - 10% to spraying homes with insecticide
  • The number of infections fell by 50% across the continent
  • Africa still accounts for 80% of cases and 78% of deaths
  • 13 countries that had malaria in 2000 reported no cases in 2014 while a further six countries had fewer than ten cases
Quotes from a BBC article:
"Bed nets were responsible for the vast majority of the decrease."
"...despite the progress, the job is far from done. A child still dies from malaria every minute in Africa."
"Eight African countries are aiming to eliminate the disease by 2020 including Namibia."
"We know how to prevent and treat malaria. Since we can do it, we must."