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Funds raised US$565,098,164
Nets funded 256,410,911
People protected 461,539,640

USD 100 million raised this year, immediate funding gap of USD 41 million

US$100m raised this (financial) year!

We are thrilled to have passed a significant milestone for AMF with US$100 million raised in a single year for the first time!

Our heartfelt thanks to all our donors and supporters who in many cases have been supporting AMF year in year out, and some for 15 years. We are extraordinarily grateful for your support and for your confidence in our work. We cannot do what we do without you.

We remain a small team – of nine – and this year our overheads will be ~0.5% of revenues so more than 99% of funds raised are spent on programmes. Our overheads and programme monitoring costs are covered by several donors so we remain able to direct 100% of funds from the public to buy nets.

The distribution programmes we have been able to fund with these donations involve 46 million nets that will protect 83 million people. These nets can be expected to save 30,000 to 35,000 lives, avert 15 to 35 million cases of malaria and improve local economies by more than US$1 billion. When people are ill they cannot farm, drive, teach – function, so the improvement in health leads to economic as well as humanitarian benefits.

AMF’s operations team works daily and closely with our partners in six countries to support the programmes and ensure they are carried out accountably and with a particular focus on data.

Current immediate funding gap

We continue to have a significant immediate funding gap, currently US$41.7m, which is likely to increase in the months ahead, so we remain focused on working to close as much of the gap as we can, as soon as we can.

Every US$2 matters

In filling that funding gap, every US$2 matters as each net protects two people when they sleep at night so no donation is too small.

It is notable that the funds raised so far this year have come from more than 120,000 donations from donors in 189 countries with most being in the range US$2 to US$200. The overall range of individual donations is US$2 to US$20m.

As always, our sincere thanks from the team to everyone for their wonderful support and generosity.