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Funds raised US$464,328,802
Nets funded 225,159,131
People protected 405,286,436

Watch the developing world 'develop' in 3 minutes!

A fascinating - and perhaps surprising - summary of progress in the developing world. A brilliant, clear, 3 minute video.
Hans Rosling says 'Most people think the problems in the countries in Africa are unsolvable. But if the poorest countries can just follow [this path] it is fully possible that the world will look like this in 2030. Then there will be no countries left in the box we once called 'the developing world'. But to ensure that happens we must measure... By measuring the progress in the once labelled “developing countries”, preventable child mortality can be history by the year 2030.' We agree. With bednet distributions that help address the malaria problem, measuring means collecting data on net delivery and continued use, which also allows us to be accountable to donors as to how their donations are spent.