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Funds raised US$565,431,983
Nets funded 255,955,179
People protected 460,719,322

We welcome the National Audit Office's advice to spend funds effectively and efficiently.

A recent report by the UK's National Audit Office (NAO) has said, as reported by the BBC, "'Too few' bed nets paid for by UK [government] are being used".
The BBC article continues, "Not enough anti-malarial bed nets paid for by the UK [government] are being used around the world, ministers have been warned. ...the National Audit Office said usage among target groups, such as children, was disappointing... The watchdog urged the UK to work with aid recipients to "change attitudes" and to ensure proper value for money...  The NAO's report, which drew on first-hand research in Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Nigeria and Burma, said the countries had been "well-chosen" but questioned the effectiveness of some of the spending. There had been a 23% increase in the number of families in the four countries owning a mosquito net since 2010 but usage by target groups such as children had increased by just 11.6%."
In our view this underlines the importance of distribution procedures and data collection that allows
1. Verification of nets reaching intended beneficiaries and
2. Regular post-distribution monitoring to understand continuing net usage.
AMF has faced challenges with some potential distributions in trying to ensure these elements are part of a distribution plan and, where their inclusion has not been possible, has been unable to agree to fund nets. We see these elements as key.
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