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Funds raised US$572,119,977
Nets funded 259,138,239
People protected 466,448,830

GiveWell ranks AMF #1 for fifth time in six years!

GiveWell has updated its top charity list and we are delighted to again be included as a top-rated charity, ranked #1. This is now the fifth time in six years AMF has been rated and ranked in this way.

"The Against Malaria Foundation (AMF) is one of our top-rated charities, and an organization that we feel offers donors an outstanding opportunity to accomplish good with their donations."

GiveWell conducts extensive research with a particularly high level of rigour and analysis and to date has spent hundreds of hours investigating AMF and our work including two distribution site visits to Africa.

Over the last year GiveWell has influenced* over 28,190 donations to AMF from 9,484 donors in 82 countries totalling US$36million, including almost 40% of the recurring donations made to AMF. We are immensely grateful for this confidence and support.

* For those donors who told us GiveWell influenced their donation.

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