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The effect of coronavirus (COVID-19) on AMF: Update, 18 March 2020

www.medicalgraphics.de (CC BY-ND 4.0)

We provide below an update on how the coronavirus is affecting AMF’s work. Currently it is minimal, but we keep this constantly under review and are expecting this to change as matters develop in Africa. Net distributions are likely to be an important part of minimising the coronavirus impact as increased malaria rates are likely to increase the mortality rate from coronavirus. We remain focused on fundraising to fill significant funding gaps.

Net production
  • No change to our last blogpost: currently no delays to our distributions are projected to arise from production problems. We are continuing to monitor the situation closely, but the current easing of the situation in Asia is helping in this area.
  • No disruption to distribution dates so far, but clearly there is a high risk of delay
  • In country partners are becoming concerned about the potential effects of travel restrictions (as for the Ghana PDM)
  • Malaria may increase COVID-19 mortality, which will make it more important to keep distributions going if possible
  • We are monitoring country specific coronavirus data and liaising closely with the MOH in each country in which we operate
Post-distribution monitoring
  • The Government of Ghana has now imposed travel restrictions which have forced AMF’s PDM-18 to be suspended for a minimum of 1 month
  • This is the one PDM to have been affected so far
  • This is likely to change and we are keeping all PDMs under review
  • AMF staff will not be travelling in the short term
  • No mission critical trips had been planned
AMF staff
  • None of the AMF team has been affected so far
  • The two staff members previously working in co-working spaces are now working from home
  • As other AMF staff work from their offices remotely and we have no central office, there is no large change to work patterns
  • No face to face meetings will take place for now