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Funds raised US$503,659,976
Nets funded 228,614,618
People protected 411,506,312

US$20 million donation to AMF cuts immediate funding gap from US$52m to US$32m!

We are absolutely delighted to have just received a US$20m donation from a single donor.

This donation has been put to work immediately as it has allowed us to confirm funding for a significant net distribution programme in 2022, just a year away. We will publish information about this shortly.

The donation will buy an estimated 10 million long-lasting insecticidal nets (final number dependent upon the final cost/net) that will protect 18 million people when they sleep at night.

In terms of impact, these nets can be expected to save 6,000 to 7,000 lives, avert 3 to 7 million cases of malaria and improve the local economy in the region in which the nets will be distributed by an estimated US$240 million (12x the donation amount). When people are ill they cannot farm, drive, teach – function, so the improvement in health leads to economic as well as humanitarian benefits.

Importantly, this helps reduce the immediate funding gap for AMF's planned net programmes from US$52m to US$32m and is a fantastic boost to this work.

We continue to work hard to make sure our programmes are as effective as ever, and can see the urgent need for nets across the countries we work in. Every donation, large and small, is so important, as every US$2 funds a net that protects two people and helps us close the gap. A huge donation such as the one received this week is fabulous, and our history also shows that many, more modest sized donations have been, and are, critical to achieving our malaria programmes (AMF's donations statistics).