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Participants 542,525
US$ 247,799,462
Nets 114,552,066

Update: Visit to Sierra Leone

We recently visited Sierra Leone and a final phase of discussions now focuses on accountability elements.
AMF has offered to fund up to 3.1 million nets for the upcoming 3.4 million net nationwide universal coverage net distribution in Sierra Leone.
Significant discussions have been taking place over the last four months. AMF may provide between 2 million and 3.1 million nets. Non-net costs are in place.

Rob Mather and Richard Lane have just returned from a series of meetings in Freetown with the Sierra Leone National Malaria Control Programme (NMCP) and other malaria control partners.
Accountability - data and verification - and transparency are very important to us to ensure an effective, and demonstrably effective, distribution and those are the details we are following up on now.