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Funds raised US$572,101,828
Nets funded 259,129,164
People protected 466,432,495


We are very pleased to be providing World Swim Against Malaria with technology support. We are equally pleased to be one of the groups around the world participating by inviting 5,000 staff, family and friends to swim.

Microsoft people, including some of our most senior executives, will be swimming and we would like to invite you to join in this event too.

Many of us are very familiar with the internet, which improves people's lives. Most of us are less familiar with another sort of net, the mosquito net, which saves people's lives.

World Swim Against Malaria is an important initiative which is inclusive, global and fun. Through our swimming and our fundraising we hope to raise funds to buy 50,000 nets which will help prevent over 2,000 people from dying and many more from becoming sick.

It is wonderful to see people from all corners of the world participating together to help fight this preventable disease.

Total Raised: 671 LLINs (US$ 2,918)
 #Group/team/person Location CountryDate# Nets
8 The Drowners Reading England 12 Dec 05 20
1 Just Me! Bradfield England 05 Dec 05 336
2 Will Newton Clare Windsor Photos Reading England 30 Nov 05 129
1 Andrew's swim Reading England 01 Dec 05 46
1 Catherine Smith Reading England 01 Dec 05 232
1 Gill Le Fevre Reading England 01 Dec 05 80